How To Send Mass SMS From Your PC With Ease!

If you are aware of the importance of mobile marketing today, you've probably been looking around for an easy an inexpensive way to send bulk SMS messages to your subscribers, customers or staff.

When I realized that text messages could do for my company, I started testing all the different bulk SMS market. I'm not going to compare in this article is another study all its own, but I'll show you how easy it is to actually start sending bulk sms from your computer.

For this demonstration, I'll use one of my favorite pieces of software that I came across while doing my research. On their website they have a registration page where you enter basic information you an email with an activation link in it, and an SMS with an activation code. Just click on the link, enter the code and your account is created and you get credits to try it before you decide whether you like it or not.

Now I'll go to the download page to download and install the software. This is not a complicated procedure, just a matter of choice to run and then install. Once the SMS software is installed, open the default contact. Just click on the new contact, enter the name and mobile number, click OK.

Now, to send a text message, I select the contact and just write a message in the box below. As I write a modest counter tells me how many SMS characters, I'm sure that the message does not exceed 160 characters, then this is the maximum length of an SMS message as specified by GSM official 03 , 38 specifications.

SMS software will tell you when you exceed 160, but in this case and it is one of the reasons I like this software, you can actually continue to write up to 459 characters, this is called a long message, which consists of three parts, each costing an SMS credit.

Now all you gotta do, to be sure that I connect to the Internet and access, and then press the submit button, and hey presto, a few seconds you receive a text message on your mobile.

But it gets even better than that. I am fortunate to have a list of my clients, mobile numbers in a spreadsheet Excel, if I only import data through the same process to send a message and within seconds all my customers know about my next special launch tomorrow. That's what I call powerful marketing.

So do not sit there thinking it's too technical and complex to do, it's easy and what effect it has on your business surprise. So, to try, or go to search engines and search the SMS solution, or I used to try, registration costs only a few minutes and launch it impossible to get you going. Then, surprise your customers and watch the business roll in

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